Same Day Root Canal and Crown

Same Day Root Canal and Crown

The technology of computer made (Cerec) crowns allows us to do a root canal and crown on the same day. The sooner a crown is placed after a root canal the better the outcome. Crowns seal the tooth and prevent bacteria getting back into the canal system of the tooth. After the root canal is preformed and tooth is prepared for a crown, a special camera (Omnicam) scans your tooth to create a three dimensional image. Dr. Tanner then uses that image to design and create your custom crown right here in the office. You don't have to go though the discomfort of impressions and a temporary crown - simply wait a few minutes and leave with your new crown. These Cerec (computer made) crowns allow us to make crowns that are fit specifically for you, and seal perfectly to your tooth. This means greater durability, a longer lasting crown and greater esthetics. Precise Dental takes pride in giving you a high quality crown, and not requiring your to wait more than one appointment's time.

We understand that your time is precious, and that spending extra time in the dentist's office is not necessarily your idea of a good time. That's why we work to make your visits here comfortable and efficient, and provide the treatment you need in as few appointments as possible. We are able to help the process along by observing the latest technological advancements in the industry, and employing a team that is highly trained and experienced.

We are proud to offer safe, effective same day root canal and crown options for the comfort of our patients! Call 520-477-0303 for more information.

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