Crowns & Bridges

Why Are Crowns & Bridges Needed?

When a tooth has sustained significant damage due to decay or trauma, a filling will not be enough to sufficiently restore function. In such cases, a dental crown is the most suitable option. A crown, sometimes referred to as a cap, fits over the entire tooth. It's a full coverage restoration, which provides protection and greater stability needed for chewing. It also improves the patient's appearance by restoring their smile to what it once was.

There are many uses for crowns in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. They are used to restore a root canal tooth and as an integral part of dental implants. There are a number of materials to choose from when selecting a crown. Some of the most common include gold and other metal alloys, porcelain fused to metal, and all-porcelain. Dr. Tanner believes in creating the most natural-looking smile possible for his patients and using the best materials for the longevity of the tooth.

During the initial visit, Dr. Tanner makes sure you are numb and comfortable then conservatively removes the damage and decay of the tooth. A special camera (Omnicam) scans your tooth to create a three dimensional image. He then use that image to design and create your custom crown right here in the office. You don't have to go though the discomfort of impressions and a temporary crown - simply wait a few minutes and leave with your new crown. These Cerec (computer made) crowns allow us to make crowns that are fit specifically for you, and seal perfectly to your tooth. This means greater durability, a longer lasting crown and greater esthetics. Precise Dental takes pride in giving you a high quality crown, and not requiring your to wait more than one appointment's time.

Crowns are also used as part of a dental bridge, which restores function when a tooth is missing. The bridge consists of two crowns, which are placed on the teeth located on each side of the gap. An artificial, natural-looking tooth called a pontic fills the gap, thereby, restoring normal appearance and chewing function.

Since each situation is unique, a consultation with Dr. Tanner is the best option in determining which type of crown will bring out your most beautiful smile.